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My First Robot


With the My First Robot Set children can start to discover the world of programming.


• Children aged 5+ can build, program or remote control the robot
• No reading skills required
• Easy drag and drop app designed for younger children
• Gameplay structure allows children to increase confidence while having fun

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The first learning robot for children

The My First Robot Set inspires young developers from the age of 5+. This set lets children playfully discover the world of robotics and programming. With the corresponding My First Robot App the steps of the robot can be programmed.

My First Robot App

As an introduction to the app, the robot shows movements and the child must recognise which blocks of code correspond to the sequence of movements and string them together, level by level. In the Code Editor children can learn to think solution-oriented by solving the tasks set by educators or teachers.


The My First Robot is a clever inventor who is busy developing new sweets in his laboratory. In this game he needs help to develop his legendary pink sugar syrup.

The course of play in Game Mode is accompanied by this child-friendly storyline, short building instructions on additional building bricks included in the set and video sequences are available as a reward.

Set Content

The My First Robot Set includes a Powerbrain – the heart of every robot that sends energy and data to the body. The Powerbrain contains a lithium-ion battery that is fully charged within an hour and offers several hours of fun to play and learn. In addition, there is a double motor module for extra fast driving fun and nimble movements, as well as two brick adapters, which allow an extension with LEGO® bricks. So the little robot can be given a personality – for even more fun & creativity!


My First Robot brings a haptic gaming experience into the digital world and allows children a first entry into the world of programming. The code editor is particularly well suited for teaching in preschools and primary schools, as children learn to think solution-oriented by means of simple programming tasks. With the help of the additional play mats and the corresponding task cards, children remain interested in programming for longer. Teaching materials for lessons and workshops available online!

Compatible with other Tinkerbots products

The My First Robot can also be combined with the Tinkerbots Education Sets. Not only the modules are compatible, also the Tinkerbots World App, as well as the Tinkerbots Blockly App can be used with the My First Robot. This gives you even more possibilities to use the My First Robot!


Zusätzliche Informationen

  • 1x Powerbrain
  • 1x Double Motor
  • 2x Brick Adapter
  • 203x Bausteine
  • 1x Netzteil
Achtung Kleinteile:
  • Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet. Erstickungsgefahr!
  • Nicht kompatibel mit unseren Arduino-Sets.

Building instructions