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Education Basic Set

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The Education Basic Set enables the first steps in the world of Blockly programming. The 4 modules included can be used to build smart sensor vehicles.


• Education Basic Set is perfect for the secondary school I
• Less effort for lesson preparation with the Tinkerbots teaching material
• Quick & easy assembly of the robots, ideal for the use in regular school lessons
• Programming with the intuitive Tinkerbots Blockly App

Tinkerbots Education Basic Set for schools

The Education Basic Set has been specially designed for use in the secondary school I and other educational institutions. It gives children and young people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with programming, robotics and sensor technology. With the four modules included, sensor vehicles can be built, which can also be programmed using the Tinkerbots Blockly App.

Learning with Tinkerbots

Tinkerbots Education products promote self-confidence, problem-solving skills and group work for students of all ages. Our products provide teachers with everything they need to teach robotics and programming

  • Experimental hardware-based learning increases interest in STEAM subjects
  • Students are encouraged to find solutions for STEAM related questions independently
  • The learning success is increased by illustrating abstract themes through hardware

Basic Teaching Material

Our learning units are designed for teaching lessons of 45 minutes. They contain task cards for students and copy templates so the teacher‘s preparation time is heavily reduced.

Blockly Programming

Tinkerbots Blockly is a visual programming editor specifically designed for programming Tinkerbots robots. With the intuitive drag-and-drop function, basic programming concepts such as loops, variables, conditions, etc. can be taught. With the help of the various programming blocks, children from the age of 10+ can make their first experiences with programming. With the possibility to display the code also in the programming language Python, Tinkerbots Blockly is also suitable for the use in high school classes. The software runs on Windows and MacOS computers. The mobile version for Android and iOS devices.


The 5 in 1 Multisensor can detect distance, colour, gestures and light. The integrated sensor technology even enables a line follower function. The robot models can even react to their environment, which makes many tasks by educators possible.

Control of the Robot

All Tinkerbots robots can be taught with the recording mode and can therefore also be controlled manually. To do this, press the record button on the Powerbrain and then move the robot as you wish. During playback, the robot then repeats this sequence of movements.

With the Tinkerbots World App, the robots can also be controlled via smartphone or tablet. With the creative mode, each module can be assigned a controller, so that each creation can be remote controlled.


Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Powerbrain
  • Doppelmotor
  • Pivot
  • Multisensor
  • 3x Cubies
  • 5x Bausteine
  • 2x große Räder
  • Bluetooth Dongle
  • 4x Baustein-Adapter
  • 2x Achse, Netzteil
  • Nicht kompatibel mit unseren Arduino-Sets.
Achtung Kleinteile:
  • Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet. Erstickungsgefahr!
  • 74
  • 75


Tinkerbots Blockly App

Learn how to code with the Tinkerbots Blockly App! The visual programming editor allows you to program your robots. Download the free software for your computer, available for Windows 10 and MacOS 10.13+. In the Google Play Store or Apple App-Store you can find the mobile Android 5.0+ and iOS 11.0+ tablet versions.


Tutorial for Educators

With our tutorial, you will get a quick introduction for using the Tinkerbots Blockly App and the Tinkerbots Education Sets. Download


Teaching Material – Learning with Robots I

Our teaching material “Learning with Robots I” is designed for use with the Tinkerbots Blockly App and consists of 4 lessons, each of which is scheduled for 45 minutes. It focuses on how to program Tinkerbots robots from grade 5 on using exciting worksheets and building instructions. Download