Mega Robotics Set - Tinkerbots
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Mega Robotics Set

Description: No one can stop you with this robotics kit! Make your boldest visions come to life: Build any car, machine or animal you can think of. Use the Pivot, the Twister, the Motor and the Grabber to combine different movements in one machine: Move forward, tilt down, pick something up or move around


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Your Mega Robotics Set includes

The Tinkerbots Mega Robotics Set includes 5 different powerful and smart interactive modules! Take the Powerbrain, the red cube that contains the microcontroller sending all energy and data. Connect any module by simply snapping them together. The Motor propels anything you attach to it. Connecting the two Pivot modules will allow your robot move freely around the house. The Twister turns your robot around and the Grabber opens and closes to grab anything in its reach. Use the Cube to connect up to six modules at the same time. Attach the brick adapters to combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO® or other building systems and use the different, colorful Cubies to give your robot any shape you like.

Sets Comparison

Extension sets for more robot fun

Upgrade your robot’s capacities even further by adding more motion modules, Cubies and accessories.

Specials Pivot & Twister Motors Wheels Bricks & Cubies

Remotely control and program with our intuitive app

Download our Tinkerbots World app for iOS and Android to your phone and tablet and start programming your robot. You can use the app as a control center to freely connect the different modules or you can build one of our pre-designed models and convert your phone into a remote control. Race your car through the house!

What makes the Mega Robotics Set special

We give you the tools – the Powerbrain, movement modules and Cubies – to build anything you can imagine. Tinkerbots is a dream machine anyone can build.

Modular robotic construction kit

Tinkerbots are whatever your imagination can make of them! With the Mega Robotics Set you can design any robotic construction you dream up and build it easily.

Five different movement modules

The magic of Tinkerbots lies in its simplicity. Take our different motion modules, snap them together and watch what you have built come to life.

Intuitive app and manual teaching function

Tinkerbots introduces children to the world of coding. It also lets them be kids by teaching their robots manually or racing them through the house using the app as a remote control.

Compatible with other building systems

Tinkerbots seamlessly integrates with LEGO® and other building bricks you might already have at home. Breathe new life and bring your LEGO® bricks to life. Enhance them with Tinkerbots!

Innovative design and educational solution

Tinkerbots combines playing and learning like no other toy and we have received many awards for this! But the best rewards for us is to see creativity unfold with our kits and the fun robots that young engineers build.


Are you looking for some inspiration?

Even the most genius inventors are stuck sometimes. Read what others say about Tinkerbots to find some inspiration for your new creations!


“If you like Legos and robots, you will love TinkerBots”


“This incredible robotic building set is like Lego come to life”

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“TinkerBots: This is the modular toy robot you’ve been waiting for”


“TinkerBots want to make modular robotics child’s play”