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Tinkerbots moves to new headquarters

If you want to achieve the best result possible than you have to create the perfect working atmosphere. Two of our founders chose the Bauhaus University in Weimar, where they were studying production design, to be the most inspiring place. It was slso the place where they came up with the idea for an innovative robotic building kit and where the very first Tinkerbots prototype was created. Having the intention to put a unique toy on the market, we definitely needed our own office space which we found in the city of Leipzig. At that time, it was the best place to put Tinkerbots on the maps.

After receiving an incredibly positive feedback for our robot building kit from young and old tinkerers, it was time to create the perfect environment for the production of Tinkerbots. Soon, we found the right place in Brandenburg. The city of Bernau offers unique production conditions and the cosmopolitan city of Berlin is only a few kilometers away. From that point on, Tinkerbots’ story of success was written at Bahnhofs-Passage Bernau.

Kids and adults worldwide love Tinkerbots and they want their own building kit. That’s why we were able to hire more staff for different departments in the last couple of months. That will make sure that Tinkerbots stays a unique toy and that we are able to make new developments. But in order to create a perfect working environment for our employees we needed bigger Tinkerbots headquarters. So, we had to search for suitable rooms that offer enough space for all departments. It did not take long until we found a great place at the Forum Bernau, only a couple of minutes away from the old office. Last weekend it was already packing time.

Here is our new address:

Kinematics GmbH

Zepernicker Chaussee 1

16321 Bernau


Meanwhile, every department found its place at our new space in the heart of Bernau. At this place, the team will be able to grow even bigger and develop exciting ideas for our new robot models. In the gallery you can find some impressions from the move into the new Tinkerbots headquarters:

Tinkerbots moveTinkerbots moveTinkerbots moveTinkerbots moveTinkerbots moveMove TinkerbotsTinkerbots moveTinkerbots moveTinkerbots move

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