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Our Tinkerbots team

We have already explained how and where the Tinkerbots building kits are being produced and assembled. But maybe even more exciting is the question: who does all this work? In our new series we want to give you a closer look at some of our team members.

Tinkerbots was created at university

Our CCO Leo came up with the idea for Tinkerbots as a student at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Meanwhile, Leo is responsible for everything new and creative: He is the spin doctor for new developments, inventive models and he is the interface between robot and user. There is even a Tinkerbots models which is named after Leo. Can you guess which one? Together with Wilhelm he is also responsible for the design that you know and with attention to detail, they are developing the packaging and the manuals. Katharina helps them to create unique videos and images for the world of Tinkerbots.

That’s our Tinkerbots team

As a team you can be even more successful. That is why Leo has joined forced with Christian and Matthias in order to establish Tinkerbots. Christian is the technical mastermind in the team and he is head of the production. If your building kit arrives on time and everything runs without any problems, then you can thank Christian and his team as well as Jan from logistics. The third founder Matthias initially worked in the executive board of the company and has now passed on his role to our new CEO, Adrienne Fischer. Adrienne took over the operative business and is responsible for finances, marketing, PR and sales. She works together with Regina, who is busy doing accounting, customer support and organizations for fairs. The marketing team is completed by Bettina and Timo, who are responsible for online affairs.

Tinkerbots building kits are produced in Germany

You need a lot of single parts to create a Tinkerbots building kit (exactly 226 parts) which are being manufactured here and at our regional partners. We get our electronical components, cards, wires, sensors and other parts from our 29 partners, 25 of which are located in Germany. The assembly of the parts is happening here, at our headquarters in Bernau, near Berlin.

CTO Christian is the head of all these processes and gets support at production planning and QA by Ulrike. In our production department, Marcel works together with our working students Philipp, Uriel, Lutz and Nathalie who are busy soldering and sticking parts together. By the way, we have more than one Christian in our Tinkerbots team. One of them is responsible for constructing prototype groups and complicated machines. Administrator Jakob usually sits in front of his monitor and programs our Tinkerbots app. Christian, Andre and Karsten from software and hardware development are testing if everything works, among other things.

Do you want to be a part of our Tinkerbots team, too? Take a look at our recent job postings!

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