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Hello world

Dear Tinkerbots Fans!

We are happy to welcome you here on our new blog. This blog is going to grow into a space for our community of makers – A space where we share the latest information about our products, a sneak peek behind the scenes of our production and our team and lengthy tutorials on how to build and program Tinkerbots…but most of all, we would like to invite you to take part of it!

Over the course of the last months you have sent us many emails saying Thank you, you have talked about us to your friends, you have liked us on Facebook and you have shared really neat pictures and videos of your creations. All of this will be featured here on our blog as well. To inspire you, to connect you to other builders and to showcase the coolest robots and events!

It has been an awesome journey so far and we look forward to continuing it together with you!

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