The coolest tech toys from Toy Fair NY 2016 - Tinkerbots

The coolest tech toys from Toy Fair NY 2016

This January we were in New York city for the annual toy fair and among the many journalists and bloggers we have spoken to, Bob Brown from Network World has created a list of the coolest and most unusual NYC Toy Fair 2016 techie playthings and included our Tinkerbots building kits.

1200 companies showcasing their newest trends

For the 113th time the toy fair is taking place in New York and bringing together manufacturers and retailers of toys for children of all ages. This year by far the tech-toys have been the most interesting for all participants. In their article Network World has made a selection of toys we would like to present to you, too. We think the coolest toys are those that lets children build something themselves and experience a combination of new technology and something known already.

During the summer BioToy’s water blaster will not only keep you cooled down with a shot of water but also will bring you much fun: The water comes out colored with glow-in-the-dark paint so you can even play hide and seek or a sort of laser-tag after the sunset.

Young kids, both girls and boys alike, love arts and crafts and building things. With the CharmBricks bracelet kids as young as 5 years old get to make a colorful bracelet that they can program to light up and blink. Wearable technology!

Mattel has prepared something in the same direction with the ThingMaker 3D printer which will be available during fall of 2016. Kids can transmit their designs to the printer via a native iOS or Android application and out comes the printed product.

If you think about technology and toys, a drone cannot be missing for this list! And so it comes as no surprise that Network World has included Odyssey Toys Galaxy Seeker II drone as one of the coolest toys! With a first-person view high-def video recording and virtual reality capabilities this quadcopter really is a great toy, for kids and parents.

What is on your wish list for the next birthday? Do you have any cool or unusual tech toys that you would like to share with us?

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