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Update from October

Dear supporters,

It is time for a new update. As we are approaching the delivery, we can be a bit more specific today.

We should first answer the question which is certainly concerning all of you the most. When will your sets be delivered? We reckon that the first Wheeler Sets are going to be shipped by the second week of November. All larger sets will be following from mid to late November. Now some of you might be wondering why we cannot make it in October. This is mainly due to 3 facts.

First, all the power supply manufacturers are currently adapting their production to a new US standard, which is said to become effective next year. Thus none of the manufacturers can deliver right away. We now decided in favour of a German manufacturer, who also confirmed the earliest delivery dates. This one has assured us that we will receive the power supplies in the first week of November. Until then, all Wheeler Sets are mounted, so that we only have to give the power supplies into the packaging and hand them over to UPS.

Secondly, we’ve been facing some unfortunate problems with different suppliers once again. Just to give you an example: we received circuit boards with a misprint so we could not use them. Hence the original delivery time of 15 working days expanded to 60 working days. Those things use to happen again and again, even though we request prototypes and a zero series (small initial batch) in order to prevent those instances. We only authorize the final production if both, prototypes and zero series comply with our requirements. But still those things keep happening. All of this is incredibly nerve-wracking but so far we have always been able to find a solution.

The third reason is the most complex and time-consuming adjustment process of the passive connector of our Cubies. The exact fit, however, is extremely important in order to guarantee the full and undisturbed playing experience. Once you surpass the moulding tools’ optimum level by just a hundredth of a millimetre, the tools have to be welded at this point and the adjustment process begins anew. Meanwhile, however, almost all adjustments have been completed and production has started. So we expect to have all cubies with appropriate fit by the beginning of November.

Finally we can announce that we have now passed almost all final certification tests. Until the end of October we will have then completed the remaining ones.

In summary we can say that the Wheeler sets go on their journey in the 2nd week of November and will be followed by all larger sets by mid to late November. We are so looking forward to send them to you!

In case you have some open questions, comments or suggestions, you can always contact us as at any time.

Many greetings from Bernau near Berlin
The Tinkerbots Team

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