Update from July - Tinkerbots

Update from July


Dear Supporters and Fans,

Today it’s time for another somewhat more elaborated update to let you know at which point in the production process we are right now and what we are doing at the moment.

First things first: Tinkerbots finally passed the EMC/ESD pre-tests last week. That’s really great news! With the positive test results we were able to place an order for the 55,000 boards we need for the first 2,000 building sets. We shall receive those boards by the end of August.

What is more we already ordered 38,400 plastic parts from our injection moulding partner. During the next 6 weeks we will order the remaining 161,000 parts. For most of these parts there are only a few minor adjustments to be made in order to ensure that the connectors are working just fine.

We also started with the assembly of the building sets. 6,000 motors have been equipped with gear-wheels already. 2,700 potentiometers are being soldered right now. The serial production of the pivot and motor modules is just about to begin.

We have fully working prototypes for both the Android and iOS version of the Tinkerbots app. The final coding has started already. According to the current schedule we will start shipping the first building sets in October. Please understand that we cannot guarantee this shipping date so far. But as you see we are pretty close to delivery.

Finally we want to present you some key facts about Tinkerbots so you can get a glimpse of the scope of this project:

  • The building sets consist of 226 different single parts
  • 143 of those parts are custom made for Tinkerbots
  • 57 companies are occupied with manufacturing the components
  • We are sourcing those components from 29 different suppliers, all but 4 of which are located in Germany
  • For the first 2,000 building sets 1.3m single parts will be sourced
  • 80 % of those parts are already in our stock or at our partners’
  • About 450,000 parts will be touched directly by our employees during manufacturing
  • During the certification process 21 norms have to be considered and the same number of tests have to be passed
  • Apart from the final safety check all tests have been executed as pre-tests and have been passed already
  • The safety test will be done with the final product including manual and packaging. But the testing agency mentioned no concern in this respect.

If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at any time. Just write an e-mail to info@tinkerbots.net. As always we try to respond within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for your patience and the faith you put in us!
Greetings from Bernau near Berlin,

The Tinkerbots Team

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