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Tinkerbots in numbers

Here at Tinkerbots, our goal is always to inform customers and fans about news and changes at our company. After all, we see ourselves as part of a community of robot enthusiasts and toy lovers. By sharing your robot creations with like-minded people over social media, the fun factor with Tinkerbots can even be increased. How to build and control your own robot can be found in our “This is Tinkerbots” section. However, there are things about our company that you probably don’t know.

The easiest and most interesting possibility to show you how we work here at Tinkerbots are current figures about the company and our daily work. After all, it is true what they say: figures don’t lie. That’s why we made some effort to find some exciting facts that should bring you closer to Tinkerbots.

The most important figures about Tinkerbots:

3 founders (Leo, Christian and Matthias) started the project Tinkerbots.

6 years is the recommended age for playing and controlling our robots.

20 people in different departments like product design, production, sales and marketing work at Tinkerbots to make our product successful.

29 providers and partners, most of whom are located in the region around Berlin and Brandenburg, are currently producing and delivering components for our robot kits.

45 days after we launched our campaign on the crowdfunding platform indigogo.com, we found enough supporters to start with the production of the first Tinkerbots.

53 countries are meanwhile home to a Tinkerbot. We have delivered to countries like South Africa, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia and Mozambique.

169,96 Dollars is the price for our Wheeler Set, which is a good way to join the world of robots.

178 elements are used to build a Powerbrain.

226 different pieces are put together for one Tinkerbots building kit.

1342 downloads of our Tinkerbots control app have been made at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store until now.

2012 is the year, Tinkerbots was established.

61000 plates were used for 4000 robot kits.

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