Explore our modules: The Grabber - Tinkerbots

Explore our modules: The Grabber

Do you want to learn something about Tinkerbots? Then this is the right place for you. We introduce you to all of our modules in detail and show you exactly how they work. This time you can learn everything about one of the most exciting motion modules from the Tinkerbots building kits: The Grabber!

What you can build with a Grabber

The Grabber is a tentacle module which allows you to pick up objects. After you have connected the Grabber module with a Pivot, you can build great things, for example a real robotic arm like it is used in the automotive industry. With more Pivot modules and a Twister, the robot is even more flexible. In order to build the Grabber Base, which is also part of the Sensoric Mega Set manual, you have to create a stable underground with Cubies and wheels first. After that you can connect the Twister to the Cube and to a sensor module. Add the Powerbrain which supplies your robot with energy, and the two Pivots. At the end, the last piece that is missing is the Grabber module. Now you can start picking up objects and put them down at a different place.

Like all of our Tinkerbots modules, the Grabber offers countless possibilities to be creative at different fields of application. For example, you can build an operator’s cab around the Grabber with the help of our brick adapter for LEGO®. If you want to build a robot after your own imagination you can also use the Grabber module as a hand. But of course, there is much for to build. Creative tinkerers can bring multiple modules to life.

Right now, the Grabber is only available as part of the big Sensoric Mega Set. But don’t worry! Owners of a Wheeler Set or Advanced Builder Set also have the chance to let their robots picking up objects in the near future. We are planning to offer expansion sets which allow you to add more modules and Cubies to your existing building kits.

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