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Tinker Games 2016 in Rio

The whole world is currently watching as in Rio de Janeiro the first ever summer games held in South America are taking place. There are 11.494 athletes from 206 countries fighting within 17 days in 306 events for 4.924 medals. With 554, the United States send the largest delegation of athletes to Rio, while the tiny pacific island Tuvalu only sends their sprinter Etimoni Timuani.

The athletes in Rio are competing in 28 sports, one of which is Golf. The outdoor sport is back at the games after a 112 year-long absence. In contrast, Baseball, karate and squash are among the sports that did not make it to Rio. The important games of the soccer competition for men and women as well as the opening and closing ceremonies take place at the legendary Maracanã stadium which was also the scene for an unbelievable world record in the past. Around 200.000 fans attended the 1950 World Cup final in soccer even though the stadium had only a capacity of around 81.000.

In order to celebrate the games in Brazil, we created some Tinkerbots athletes and let them compete in some disciplines. Our sports robots showed their skills in weightlifting, parallel bars, horizontal bar and freestyle swimming.

With Tinkerbots you can build your own weightlifter or artistic gymnast, too. The best thing about it: It’s very easy and you don’t even need many bricks or modules to do it. All of our sportive models were exclusively made with elements from the Advanced Builder Set. Just combine the Powerbrain with the motor module, connect some long Cubies with the module by using axles and use more bricks and LEGO® in order to give the robot a unique and sporty look. After your robot is ready you can use the “record and playback” mode or your smartphone to perform the exercises. If our robotic athlete’s records will be tied in Rio can be seen live until August 21st. We wish you a lot of fun building your own sports robot. Feel free to send us an image or a short video of your creation to creative@tinkerbots.com and share it with the Tinkerbots community.

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