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Get your Tinkerbots extensions

Tinkerbots has broaden its product range. Until now, you had to decide which building set is right for you. Do you choose the Wheeler Set for beginners, the Advanced Builder Set for a big variety or the Sensoric Mega Set for becoming a real robotics geek? But from now on, you can extend every building kit as you like.

Every Tinkerbots building kit can be upgraded with more modules, Cubies and brick adapters. It’s not a problem anymore to turn your Advanced Builder Set into a Sensoric Mega Set. Just go to our online shop. For adding a new look to your robot, you can upgrade your building kit with a Brick Adapter for $6.95 and a Cubie Kit for $14.95. With the Motor for $49.95, the Pivot for $49.95 the extension set Twister and Cube for $79.95, the Cube for $34.95 and the Grabber for $59.95 you can double the possibilities for your robot. Thanks to the Light Sensor and IR Sensor which are available for $49.95 each, you get to experience sensor technology live.

The brand new extensions from Tinkerbots will open up new possibilities when it comes to being creative. You can build unique robots and add all the modules you want to them. Start browsing for extensions!

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