Explore our Modules: The Twister - Tinkerbots

Explore our Modules: The Twister

Come on, let’s twist again! There is hardly any Tinkerbots motion module that is so versatile as the Twister. In this article you will find out how to use it and what you can build with this module.

The Twister belongs to the most exciting motion modules from the world of Tinkerbots. Just connect it to the Powerbrain and press “play”. The module will instantly start rotating in 180°. Alternatively, you can control the Twister with the free Tinkerbots app on your smartphone or tablet. Other Tinkerbots modules can also rotate if they are attached to the Twister which makes them even more flexible.

What you can build with a Twister

There are several ways to use the Twister when you are building a robot. For example, you can use it for building a Top Dog or Donnergugi. In this case it works like an artificial hip to coordinate the motions of the legs. You also need a Twister if you want to build a Grabber Base. The module makes the crane rotate in all directions. But that’s not it. Many other fields of application are possible, too. It’s up to you and your imagination what to use the Twister for!

The Twister module is currently included in the Advanced Builder Set and the Sensoric Mega Set. But if you own a Wheeler Set or you just need another Twister in order to bring your ideas for a robot to life, it’s not a problem. In the near future, the Twister and all the other Tinkerbots modules like the Pivot and the Grabber will be available as expansions.

Get your Twister with an Advanced Builder Set or Sensoric Mega Set today!

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