Explore our modules: The Pivot - Tinkerbots

Explore our modules: The Pivot

No matter if you already own a Tinkerbots building set or if you are still no die-hard Tinkerbots fan – we inform you how our kits function and what you can actually do with the motion modules. Having the knowledge about all of the functions, it’s even more fun to build your own robot. This time we would like to introduce you to our Pivot module.

Every module from the Tinkerbots building sets has its own task and it makes a robot move in a certain way. So, there are even parallels between motion modules and muscles in the human body. With the Pivot module a part of the robot can be moved up, down, to the left and right. That makes the Pivot one of the most versatile modules from the building sets. The module consists of two parts that engage in order to create a flexible motion. This lets the robots perform multiple actions.

But which model is suited best for the Pivot? Well, there are several Tinkerbots models that needs the Pivot module in order to be build. For example, the Roadster and the Racer use the Pivot as an axis to turn left or right. In this case, you should use the Tinkerbots app and your smartphone as a remote control. Regarding models like the Top Dog, the Pivot serves as some kind of hip to help the robot move. Thanks to the versatility of Tinkerbots and the unique connection with LEGO®, the Pivot can also be used with countless other model variations. And now it’s your turn: Be creative and be innovative. Tinkerbots gives you endless possibilities to create the robot you would love to have.

If it’s the Wheeler Set, the Advanced Builder Set or the Sensoric Mega Set – the Pivot can be found in all versions of the Tinkerbots building set. Our biggest set even contains two Pivot modules to build a Grabber Base. In this case, the two Pivots make the robotic arm even more flexible. Now you know all the important functions and the possible fields of application for the Tinkerbots Pivot. So, be creative and build a robot after your own imagination!

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