Day of the Dog 2016 - Tinkerbots

Day of the Dog 2016

Germany is celebrating the Day of the Dog, today. This commemorative day was coined in 2010 by the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) to raise awareness of the special role that dogs play in the German society. These beloved animals support their human friends as guide dog, rescue dog or detection dog. There are several events like dog shows and open houses taking place this weekend to illustrate the work of the dog training clubs.

Depending on the breed, dogs can become 20 years old. After a long time at the owner’s side, dogs really deserve the title “man’s best friend”. But maybe they will lose the title to somebody else in the near future. Because robot have the potential to be good and loyal friend to a human as well. Cooking, cleaning, home care or as a friend to interact with – service robots could be a part of every household in a couple of years. As long as single parts can be exchanged, robots could even accompany you a whole life.

Tinkerbot’s Top Dog is a great mixture between a dog and a robot and it wants to be your friend. All the bricks and motion modules that you need for building the model can be found in our Advanced Builder Set. Start with connecting the Powerbrain to the Pivot module and then build the forelegs and hind legs from our colored Cubies. After adding the head and the tail to the Top Dog you are finished with creating your own robot dog. The best thing about the Tinkerbots dog: there is no need for you to bring him to a dog training club. He memorizes what you teach him and repeats it. Just click the “record” button on the Powerbrain and move the Pivot as you like. If you press on the “play” button now, he does what he has just learned. Alternatively, the Top Dog can be controlled with an app on your smartphone. So, you save a dog leash because the robot only does what you want him to do.

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