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Tinkerbots as presents


Are you looking for a cool present for kids age 6 or older? With Tinkerbots building kits your children take their first steps in the world of robotics. Building their robots and controlling them through their own movements or an application on their smartphone.

For us the most interesting robots are those that move on their own and that can be taught or controlled – That is why we love to play around with electronics, mechanics and sensorics. There are many electronic robots that you can find in the shelves of toy stores but the coolest are those that you can build yourself, at least that is what you believe.

This is how Tinkerbots works

Just like cardboard and clay we want to give you the power to decide what your robot looks like! And you can do this with Tinkerbots – Our sets come with modules that move, many bricks to add color and shape and one Powerbrain that receives all signals and transmits them to the other modules.

You do not need to know how to program to be able to build your own robot. Just like a cardboard robot you just plug and turn and the modules work – You can teach your robot how to move through moving the modules and recording their movements through the Powerbrain or connnect the robot to your smartphone or tablet through our App.

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