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That’s how Tinkerbots work

In our new video we will show you how Tinkerbots really work, which components our robot building kit consists of and which possibilities you have with this toy. Our approach with Tinkerbots is to introduce kids to topics like mechanics and senor technology and combine fun with learning.

Building your own robot with only 3 components

Don’t worry, building your own robot can be very easy if you use Tinkerbots. All of our building kits consist of three components which are easy to combine: The Powerbrain, the motion modules and the building bricks.

The Powerbrain is the head and the heart of a Tinkerbot. It can be connected to all of the motion modules and provides them with power. In addition, there are several modules to make your robot execute different moves. While the Pivot moves up and down, the Twister can spin around and of course the Grabber grabs things. To move the wheels of your robot, you can use the Motor module. The so-called Cubies are little bricks that come in different shapes and colors to give your robot his unique looks.

Double the possibilities to build a robot with only one adapter

Our robot building kits contain of different bricks, modules and a manual to create several models. But becoming creative and building a robot after your own imagination is also possible with Tinkerbots. With our special adapter you can even connect Tinkerbots with LEGO®. This combination gives you endless possibilities to build androids, race cars or anything else – eventually, most kids have a pile of LEGO® bricks in their playroom to use.

Controlling your Tinkerbots

Controlling a robot is as easy as building one. Just press the “record” button on your Powerbrain and move the robot as you like. After pressing the “play” button, Tinkerbots can repeat the motions that you have just thought them. But, there are also other ways to control your robot. You can use the Tinkerbots app for Android and iOS as a remote control. Just start the app, chose your model and connect the robot with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

A robot building kit for everyone

With Tinkerbots you can not only build one robot, you can build any robot that you can think of. Thanks to the combination of Tinkerbots and LEGO®, anything is possible. There are currently three versions of our building kits. The Wheeler Set is great for kids from the age of 6 and as an introduction to the world of robotics. The Advanced Builder Set contains of additional modules and bricks to create a variety of models. Our big Sensoric Mega Set brings fun for young and old tinkerers.

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