Let’s get buzzing! - Tinkerbots

Let’s get buzzing!

Tinkerbots, that’s play and fun ready to get you buzzing with excitement. And while Tinkerbots are most definitely thrilling building sets, we are talking about a different kind of buzz you get from our kits. Inside Tinkerbots you can find a whole lot of electronics, allowing your cool robot to move on its own in the first place. Tinkerbots, that’s learning about voltage, current and resistance as key principles of electrical engineering and electronics. Tinkerbots as electronic building sets lets children learn a whole lot about electronics all while playing.

In order for your robot to move, it needs energy. Because without motion it wouldn’t really be a robot. That’s why the red Powerbrain, which is at the center of every Tinkerbot, has a rechargeable battery. Energy is always required to move a body. With Tinkerbots, that body is a robot with a battery, which makes the energy in this case so-called electrical energy. The battery of your robot receives this electrical energy through current, meaning through movement of positively or negatively charged carriers like electrons or ions. Energy therefore gets created through interaction of positive and negative charge. Besides current, there is also voltage. Voltage is the driving force causing the charge motions. This means, the higher the voltage, the more the current can flow. Basically opposed to voltage is resistance. With every resistance, voltage declines and every material has a different value of resistance.

So that’s how the electrical energy finds its way into the Powerbrain, but having energy isn’t everything necessary for your Tinkerbot. How do the motion modules know what to do? That’s where the clever microcontroller comes into play that’s inside the Powerbrain. If the battery is the heart of every robot that you build, the microcontroller is its brain, because it delivers the commands you give to your robot. As you can see, there is a whole lot inside this little red Powerbrain. But how exactly do all the other modules receive all this energy and commands? Do they need to be connected by cables or wires to the Powerbrain? No, you can simply click together all of the individual building parts. Simply put the parts onto each other, twist them into position and already they are safely connected to each other. Energy and data are being transmitted automatically. That way, you have all the different motion modules like the Grabber, Twister, Motor or Pivot in place and can get started. You can freely combine all the building elements with each other and create different types of robots, from race car to grabbing crane. What they all have in common is how they automatically impart knowledge about the basic principles of electronics, energy and mechanics to children. That makes Tinkerbots building sets an ideal electronics set for kids. Even without previous knowledge it is made possible for them to immerse themselves into the world of electronic and build electronic robots themselves. Tinkerbots building kits aren’t just any electronics toy for children, it’s more of an electronics study pack fostering every child’s natural exploratory spirit. Children love to be creative and are naturally eager to experiment. The open modular character of Tinkerbots sets allows them to let their natural curiosity run freely and to go wild with their very own, innovative electronic experimental kit.

As you can see, we packed the most important parts of our Tinkerbots full to the brim with clever technology and electronics, allowing you to easily build and control your own robots. And don’t worry, Tinkerbots robots are most definitely not just some sterile electronics toy consisting only of modules and batteries. Instead, we added a whole bunch of additional parts to our sets giving you many, many options to design your robot exactly as you wish. Little colorful cubies, cool wheels and adapter bricks letting you combine LEGO® bricks with your creations give you all the possibilities to build a robot as crazy as you want. Take a look at what kids have come up with on their own. Don’t you just already feel that tingling in your fingertips, ready to get started right away? Tinkerbots just gets you buzzing!

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