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Young students battle for RoboCup Championship

Young people can be very creative. That was proven at the finals of the 16th German RoboCup Junior Championship, which took place at Messe Magdeburg on the first weekend of May. More than 600 students from all over Germany gathered to compete against each other in three different categories for the championship in robot construction. The challenge in the categorie “dance” was to make their own robots dance with a choreographie to the sound of music. In “soccer”, the robots needed to be programmed to score a goal on the pitch. The third categorie “rescue” was all about following a certain path, avoiding obstacles and rescuing victims.

Not only did the German RoboCup Junior Championship see the best young teams in the country, the event also served as a qualification round for the RoboCup World Cup 2016, which will take place from June 30th until July 3rd in Leipzig, Germany. After a successful participation at the national championship, 30 German teams have qualified for the world cup. While the competition in Leipzig features categories for kids, there will also be older participants from international colleges and universities who are battling with their robots to win the title.

Increasing interest in technology and robotics

The high number of participants at the RoboCup is connected to the increasing interest of young students in the field of robotics. More and more schools in Germany offer project groups where kids have the chance to discover their interest in technology and mechanics. Tinkerbots follows this approach. With our exciting building set, children from the age of six can be introduced to topics like robotics, sensor technology and energy. Our robots are easy to use and offer enough room for creativity at the same time. At a young age, the robots can be build with a manual which is suitable for children. After a little understanding of the modules and bricks, you are free to build a robot with your own imagination. Therefore, today’s Tinkerbots users can become the RoboCup champions of tomorrow.

Crazy Racer Award 2016

The RoboCup is not the only competition where young people have the chance to battle with other robot-enthusiasts. We at Tinkerbots have our own robotic competition. In January 2016 we hosted our Crazy Racer Award at the Type & Tech & Toys Concept Store, where kids under the age of nine had the opportunity to build their own robot with a Tinkerbots Wheeler Set and LEGO® bricks. The builders with the most creative and the fastest racer won a trophy. Here are some impressions from our Crazy Racer Award 2016:




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