World Somersault Day 2016 - Tinkerbots

World Somersault Day 2016

Here comes a commemorative day that you probably don’t know! In 2009, a German theologian created the World Somersault Day, which takes place every year on May 27th. It ought to raise awareness of doing more sports. While the handbook of artistic gymnastics calls it a roll, many people say somersault to this basic movement. It is the first gymnastics manoeuvre that many kids perform in their life. After all, the roll is an easy exercise compared to a flic-flac or a handstand. The somersault can therefore be performed at a very early age. Kids have fun doing it and they perform the movement without hesitation, while most adults stopped doing it. But the truth is, that somersaults are actually good for your health. They strengthen your back, abdominal muscles and your sense of orientation.

So, today we celebrate World Somersault Day. But how? Well, of course with a somersault! Since we don’t want to become active, we simply use our Tinkerbots to do a somersault for us. Anyone can do a roll on his own, but we developed a special Tinkerbots prototype to celebrate this commemorative day. The Escalation car consists of a Powerbrain, two Motor modules with wheels and two Pivot modules. Depending on how you connect the Pivots, the vehicle can perform different motions. It’s also possible to let the robot perform a somersault. Additionally, the Escalation Car can move to the music and even perform some cool breakdance moves.

If you already possess a Tinkerbots building kit, become creative and build your own robot. What’s your next creation?

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