World Play Day 2016 - Tinkerbots

World Play Day 2016

Board games, video games or action figures – playing is more than pastime for boredom. That particularly applies to growing children. Science already made clear that untroubled playing can be very important for the development of a child. It stimulates their imagination, their brainpower and their skills.

In 1999, World Play Day was coined to bring closer children and adults from different social classes and to accomplish the right to play for every child. Every year, there are several events all around the world to celebrate this day. In Germany, this year’s motto is “playing overcomes borders”, which is related to the current refugee crisis. Millions of people, many of whom are children, lost their homes because of war and terror. Sadly, they also lost their right to play. That’s why it’s time for a change. Let us overcome borders and prejudices and play with each other.

Cultural or language barriers are not a problem if you play with Tinkerbots. Our robot building set is universal understandable. Single bricks and modules can be put together easily and the manual includes many detailed images. Additionally, the principle of building something for fun is familiar to most cultures in the world. Tinkerbots also invites kids to play together. For example, they can investigate together how particular bricks and modules fit together and how they function. Our toy encourages them to become creative together. In the end, they can even put up a race between their Tinkerbots.

We wish you a happy World Play Day!

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