Tinkerbots wins 2017 German Design Award - Tinkerbots

Tinkerbots wins 2017 German Design Award

Design has always been a big part in the history of Tinkerbots. Our goal was to develop a robotic building set which not only brings joy while playing, passes on knowledge about mechanics and includes an innovative technology, but which is also perfect in form. As a former student of Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, Leo, the inventor of Tinkerbots is true to that tradition.

Tinkerbots being a very aesthetic product has now also been acknowledged by the German Design Council which picked us as winners of the 2017 German Design Award in the category entertainment. This award displays innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, who are groundbreaking for the German and international design community. The German Design Award spots and presents unique design trends and we are proud that the jury shares our understanding of design.

We have put a lot of thought in every single Tinkerbots brick and module and developed it further until it looked like it does today. This does not only include the technical part but also the design. We see the German Design Award as an incentive for the future to put even more effort into the design of our robots.

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