Tinkerbots is nominated for the German Design Award - Tinkerbots

Tinkerbots is nominated for the German Design Award

Tinkerbots is not just a regular toy. It’s more than that. Our inventors had a vision of creating something innovative and unique – a dream machine. The result is a smart robotic building set that you can easily put together and control with an app.

The functionality of Tinkerbots is our main priority. After all, a robot brings more fun if he moves. But it’s also important to us that the robots look good. That’s why we gave our bricks and modules a modern and functional design. The Powerbrain with its red color and some of the motion modules are formed as a square and can be used from every side. The color grey of the motion modules perfectly fits to the Powerbrain. In addition to that, the Cubies in blue and yellow give the robot its individual shape.

We hope that you like how our robots look like. For the great design of our modular building set we have now been honored with the nomination for the German Design Award 2017. This international prize was coined in 2012 by the German Design Council to discover and support unique design trends. In order to win the prize, a product has to be convincing in numerous categories like degree of innovativeness, aesthetics and user-friendliness. An international expert jury will decide about the winner in the next couple of weeks.

This is actually not the first time that the design of Tinkerbots is appreciated. In 2016, we have won the well-respected iF Design Award in the discipline “product”. So keep your fingers crossed for us to win the German Design Award 2017!

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