Crazy Racer Award 2016 - Tinkerbots

Crazy Racer Award 2016


On the 23rd of January we held our very first Crazy Racer Award! In the Type & Tech & Toys Concept Store by Letters are my Friends in Berlin we opened our doors and welcomed ten builders and their crew to this fun event of building their own racing cars.

10 kids racing with our Wheeler Set

Ten kids aged 5 to 8 years old created very diverse racing car using only our Tinkerbots Wheeler kit and various LEGO® bricks. There was no stop to creativity as they have developed innovative, futuristic and even complex racing cars housing a home for the driver. Thanks to our adapter bricks it is possible to combine Tinkerbots with LEGO® bricks and thus build even more creative cars.

After playing around and building their cars, the kids tested their racers and steered them on our very own racing track via smartphone and tablet. Tinkerbots connect to our own application that you can install on Android or iOS Smartphones and tablets and control them in this way. Our three Tinkerbots founders took the lead as jury and evaluated the creativity and speed of the cars. Nico, 7 years old, was awarded the Tinkerbots Baumeister Award for his great Wheeler-Racer. As for speed, Leon, 7 years old, was the fastest in completing the set circuit and won our Speedchampion award.

Both Nico and Leon were very happy with their awards and even more excited about winning their Wheeler Set building kit. Not only the kids had fun. Both parents and friends had a good time watching the kids play, but also getting down on their knees building their own robots, not only with the Wheeler Set but also trying out our Advanced Builder and Sensoric Mega Set.

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