Children’s Day 2016 - Tinkerbots

Children’s Day 2016

Children are our most valuable treasure and they must be protected. They have the right to live in a safe environment, to have clean drinking water, food, health care, education and a life without discrimination. Sadly, the reality for many children is different. To raise awareness of the rights of children, we celebrate Children’s Day on June 1st.

While giving presents to your parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is widely established, there is only a marginal recognition for Children’s Day in many regions. Although the kids would really love getting a gift of recognition. Here are 3 good reasons why a Tinkerbots building kit is the perfect present for your child:

1. Our robot building kit is suitable for small and big children

Finding the right gift for a child is often not easy. Especially when he or she doesn’t wish for a specific thing. While the child may be too old for a certain toy, another toy could be too complex or challenging. This problem will not occur with Tinkerbots. Our robot building kit is suitable for children from the age of 6 and offers so much fun and variety that it’s also interesting for adults.

2. Children are introduced to technology in a playful way

Of course, children prefer playing to learning. But with Tinkerbots you don’t have to make compromises. Our robots not only bring fun they also pass on a technical knowledge. Through playing with Tinkerbots they get an introduction to topics like robotics, sensor technology and mechanics which will also be covered in natural science classes at school. While having fun playing, children don’t even realize that they are developing an understanding of basic motion sequences and correlations of the robot.

3. Tinkerbots offer countless possibilities

With a Tinkerbots building kit you are not only giving away a single toy but a big range of exciting robots. While children tend to lose their interest in a toy after a short period of time, Tinkerbots offer countless possibilities to turn their vision into reality. Every kit consists of modules and bricks to build different robots like a racing car, an android or a crane. Thanks to our special adapter, Tinkerbots can also be connected to LEGO® to increase the possibilities of becoming creative.

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