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Bud Spencer: Actor, tinkerer, all-rounder

Eating beans at a bonfire, funny dialogues and his signature punch – that’s how we will remember him. Bud Spencer died on Monday at the age of 86. The world grieves for a famous actor who has shaped many people’s childhood with his action-comedy films.

Bud Spencer was more than just an actor. Being born as Carlo Pedersoli in Naples, Italy in 1929, the legend was a real all-rounder. After spending his early years in South America with his family, he began to study law after his return to Italy and finished with a degree. Before and during his studies, he was also a great swimmer. Spencer has won several Italian championship titles in freestyle and breaststroke, played water polo in the national team and even participated in two Summer Olympics.

Before he became a movie star together with his congenial partner Terence Hill, Bud Spencer also showed his musical talent as a composer for the record company RCA. His breakthrough as an actor came with a role in the 1967 spaghetti western “God forgives… I don’t!”. With his action-comedy films like “Trinity is still my name” Bud Spencer soon became a real legend. Besides his acting career, the passionate hobby pilot also launched his own airline. After his days as a successful actor were numbered, Spencer tried a career in politics but he failed at the 2005 regional elections in Italy.

What many fans of the Bud Spencer movies probably don’t know: he has more in common with Tinkerbots fans than you would think. While they love to build a new robot from our building sets, Spencer was also a passionate tinkerer and inventor. Besides his legendary “steam hammer”, which is a famous punch he would give his enemies in the films, he also invented some interesting things and registered 12 patents. Some of his most interesting inventions include a safety door lock, a gun with three barrels and a walking stick that can be turned into a chair. Bud Spencer will be missed among his fans!

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