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Our Tinkerbots racer at the Formula E


Last weekend, Berlin hosted two important sports events. Besides the exciting German cup final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, the city also had to offer a great event for motorsports fans. For the second time in a row, the new Formula E series came to the German capital. While in 2016, the race took place at the former airport Tempelhof, this year’s track was built on Karl-Marx-Allee near Alexanderplatz. The new street circuit had a lot to offer. In the end, Swiss driver Sébastien Buemi for team Renault e.dams was able to win the race.

The Formula E Championship offers as much excitement as the famous Formula 1, but it has one big advantage: The race cars run with electric motors and therefore they are much more contemporary than the fuel-guzzling Formula 1 cars. Despite reaching a top speed at 225 km/h, electric cars do not cause any carbon emissions which is good for the environment. As most of the Formula E races take place at street circuits in the middle of a city, the audience can reach the circuit via public transport, which is another way of reducing emissions. The motor of an electric car does also reduce the volume of the car, which is a good thing for all the residents who live near the race track.

Introducing: The Tinkerbots Formula E car

Of course, we went to see the ePrix in Berlin this weekend and we had a lot of fun there. Although we couldn’t keep up with the speed of a Formula E car, we built our own Tinkerbots E racer and brought it to the ePrix. Our robot model “Racer” was the foundation for our new creation. The sports car is powered by our motor module and the steering functions with the pivot module. With our Tinkerbots app, we were able to control the vehicle easily on the race track in Berlin. Unfortunately, we couldn’t set a new record for the fasted lap.

To give our Tinkerbots racer the typical Formula E design, we connected our bricks with an adapter to LEGO®. After searching for the right bricks, we were able to build a front wing and a spoiler for the aerodynamics as well as to choose an eye-catching color. In the end, you can only distinguish our car from the Formula cars by its size. As you can see, it is very easy to transform a Tinkerbots robot into a Formula E racer. So, go ahead and combine you Tinkerbots bricks with LEGO® to create your personal race car.

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