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Tablet & Tinkerbots for the development of a child

The world is becoming more multimedia-based. Current statistics show that for example 34 percent of the German citizens are using a tablet PC to go online, play games or watch videos. With the growing number of tablet households comes a growing number of children who get in touch with mobile computers at a very young age. They use their parent’s tablet to practice reading or watch their favorite TV shows. The growing number of small children who use digital media on tablets also leads to a new development in many kindergartens and day-care centers.

Educators disagree on whether children should use tablets and smartphones at a very young age. Critics argue that the early use of tablets would have negative effects on their social skills. Instead of playing together with other children, they would only play alone with their device. But researches of many media educators show the complete opposite. According to them, tablets are great for cooperative learning. Children often play together with the device or help each other.

Tablets & Tinkerbots for a positive development

Tinkerbots also has the opinion that children should learn to handle technical devices like a tablet at a young age. These devices can not only be used as a toy, but as a source of knowledge. Our robot building kits and an additional tablet can also be helpful for the development of a child. Children from the age of 6 can build their own robots with Tinkerbots and control them with a tablet. This playful method gives them a brief introduction to science and technology.

With Tinkerbots, children can touch, try and experience science while having a lot of fun. Our robot building set consists of a Powerbrain, different motion modules and bricks. The single components can be connected easily and the reveal the correlations in the field of mechanics to the children. One way of controlling the Tinkerbots is to download our free app and use your tablet as a remote control.

So, the combination of Tinkerbots and a tablet can be positive for the development of a child. Nevertheless, parents should have an eye on their children’s use of a tablet!

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