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Show us your Tinkerbots & win

Be creative with your robot! Depending on which Tinkerbots building kit you own, there are several robot models to build and and control. Owners of the Wheeler Set are able to build a Roadster and an Android L30, while the Advanced Builder Set contains additional bricks and modules for our Racer, the Top Dog and the Donnergugi. If you are holding a Sensoric Mega Set in your hands, there is also a manual for the Grabber Base and the Braitenberg.

You should know, that Tinkerbots are not limited to these seven models. Thanks to our adapter, which is part of every robot kit, there is also the possibility to combine your robot with LEGO®. This is your chance to be creative and build a Tinkerbot after your own imagination. Whether you build a race car on the basis of our Roadster or you use all of your LEGO® supply to create a life-size robot – the essence is to have fun and to let your creativity flow.

If you have already build a unique robot or if you are having a great idea for your own robot creation, you should not hide your model from the world. Because it’s even more fun to share your robot with the Tinkerbots community and all of your friends. The best way to present your Tinkerbot to the world is to post an image on social media. Just take a picture or make a short video of your personal Tinkerbot and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #mytinkerbots.

This social media post is not only a great way to gain respect from robot fans all over the world, it is also a way to take part in our competition. All participants that use the hashtag #mytinkerbots have the chance to win a Sound LED Star and four SMD Happy Face mini kits from Velleman – the ideal introduction into SMD technology. The competition ends on June 15, 2016!

We are looking forward to see your creative robot constructions and to see several social media posts!

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