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Robots for seniors and kids

Seniors are on the rise. If you take a look at some statistics, you will see that in the 1960s the birthrate in Germany was nearly two times as high as today, while the number of senior citizens is increasing. That is the reason why there is a great demand for help in the households. Unfortunately, there are not enough workforce to compensate the huge demand at the moment. This could be an opportunity for service robots to take over these tasks. A current survey from forsa shows that the public has trust in new technology. 83 percent of the German citizens could imagine to be nursed by a robot in their own four walls.

Service robots are designed to make people’s life easier. They could help to clean the house or be used for home care. One of the most important criteria for the use of service robots for seniors is a good and easy usability. The handling of a robot can be an obstacle for many senior citizens. That is why it is so important to accustom the next generation to robots.

robots for seniors and kids

Tinkerbots are a suitable toy to accustom young children from the age of six at an early stage to the contact with robots. Not only does our robot kit trigger the kid’s creativity, it also allows them to build several Tinkerbots models and introduces them to themes like mechanics and sensor technology. Several modules and bricks can easily be connected to produce a lot of fun. The robots can be controlled via record and playback mode or via Tinkerbots app. If you take our Grabber Base with its robotic arm, you can already build a robot for small domestic work.

Learning the basics of robotics with Tinkerbots can be a good foundation for a common future of robots and humans. In the long run, machines are not only designed to work in industrial fields like vehicle manufacturing, but also in other sectors. For example, as rescue worker or security guard. As current surveys show, 76 percent of the German citizens believe that robots will play an important role in the future. Thanks to innovative scientists that future could be not as distant as you think.

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