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How to make a coffee at work

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and that’s not hard to believe since it comes with a couple of benefits: The caffeine in the coffee brings freshness into your body. But be careful: adults should not consume more than 400 mg of caffeine a day. A cup of coffee in the morning is also a daily ritual for many people to start their day. The common meeting for a coffee is also a good possibility to improve your social life. But when it comes to benefits for your health, the opinions differ. While some scientists say that coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes and skin cancer, other studies outline some negative effects on the human body.

If it is healthy of not, there is one thing that you cannot deny: A daily dose of caffeine in form of a coffee helps people to get through a hard day at work. According to a British study, people who work in the media business, policemen and teachers are the occupation groups that drink the biggest amount of coffee. For them, the walk to the coffee machine at the office is a great possibility to have a little chat with their colleagues.

If you are looking for a funny way to prepare a coffee at your workplace, you should use our Tinkerbots. As you can see in the video, sugar cubes can be transported perfectly into a mug with the help of our Grabber Base. In order to control the module, you can use the “record and playback” mode. Of course, the robot can also be controlled with the Tinkerbots app on your smartphone or tablet. Just order the Sensoric Mega Set and you can build your own crane. With the help of our special adapter, Tinkerbots can also be combined with LEGO®. So bring your ideas to life and build a robot to impress your colleagues.

Here are some fun facts of our favorite hot beverage:

  • An average cup of coffee consists of 100 mg caffeine.
  • Women can metabolize caffeine faster than men.
  • The effect of caffeine starts around 15 minutes after the first sip.
  • One plant produces around 500 grams of coffee beans per year.
  • The average American drinks 2,1 cups of coffee a day.
  • Finland has the highest coffee consumption worldwide.

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