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Be creative & send us your Tinkerbots

What do you like most about Tinkerbots? For many parents, it’s the possibility to get their kids excited about nature science and technics. Other Tinkerbots fans admire the app control that moves the robots via smartphone or tablet. But the majority simply loves the countless possible combinations you have with Tinkerbots. Building bricks and modules can be combined individually and always create new robot models. With our special adapter for LEGO® bricks, the possibilities for new creations are limitless.

A couple of weeks ago we have received an email from a young Tinkerbots fan who was very creative at building. Attached to the mail by 8-year-old Nicolas was a video that displays his unique robot creation. The boy has built a crane even though he doesn’t own a Grabber module. He created a connection of a Motor, Powerbrain, Pivot, Twister and Cubies that make moving objects possible. We appreciate that degree of inventiveness! Because we really enjoyed his enthusiasm and liked his robot, we would like to send a pack of Tinkerbots Cubies to the young fan.

After watching the great video of the young robotics fan we are really excited which other genuine robot models exist out there in the world. We are sure that you are all having funny ideas for building a robot or some of you may already have fulfilled them. That’s why we want to support the creativity within the Tinkerbots community. So, if you are a creative tinkerer, make a short video or picture of your Tinkerbots creation and send it to via email! With your agreement we will publish all your videos and images at the end of every month in our Tinkerbots blog to inspire other tinkerers. As a reward for your creative models we will send a creative box full of Cubies to the busy tinkerer.

Tinkerbots creative box

Don’t be afraid to share your robot creations with the Tinkerbots community. Every model is something special and it deserves to be seen by the world. Here are some inspirations for your robot:

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