Building your dream car - Tinkerbots

Building your dream car


We all know remote controlled cars in the form of racing cars, monster trucks or machines like excavators. All are fun to cruise around the room or house – but haven’t you dreamed of adding wings to your car, further seating to bring more people along on the journey or painting your vehicle in different colors?

Combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO® bricks

With our Tinkerbots Wheeler Set you can bring many of your ideas to life. Other than our basic robotic building kit you can add some LEGO® bricks you might already have at home and the fun begins. Thanks to our Tinkerbots adapter bricks the building kit becomes compatible with all LEGO® bricks. Simply select the Tinkerbots modules you will need for your robot, add the Cubies to give it shape, top it off with an adapter brick and combine your robot with the LEGO® bricks you have at home. How many different robots can you build?

Just the other day we saw how creative kids can be when we invited 10 young inventors to create their own racing cars with our Wheeler Set at our Crazy Racer Award event. They have built the coolest cars! Cars with a cabin for the driver and a backyard, cars with wings and canons to defend the car from possible attacks, double-decker cars and many more colorful vehicles that could be controlled via our Tinkerbots App for smartphone and tablet. With the Tinkerbots Wheeler Set the LEGO® bricks came to life and the children built the cars they had always dreamed of.

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