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5 tips on robotics

Our world is constantly changing. While a hundred years ago, people used cattle to plant seeds in the fields, they now have robots to do that work. Especially in the last couple of decades, new technology made our life easier. But there is still more to come. Robots could play a big part in our future. That is why especially kids are fascinated by them. If you want to become a robotics enthusiast, we have five great tips for you:

1. Don’t wait too long to engage with robotics

Developing an interest in technology at an early age can have some advantages for kids: you will be brilliant at physics class and it can be the foundation for a future career in science or the technology sector. But how to start? A great way to bring kids closer to technology and robotics is through a toy like Tinkerbots. Our robot building sets let kids from the age of six build their own robot and play with it. This playful method brings fun and knowledge at the same time.

2. Take your time with the robots

It does not make any sense to force the kids to play with their robots and learn something. The kids will probably lose the fun. The learning effect only starts if they really want to play. While reading a boring book to understand a certain topic often kills the fun, you don’t need to know anything about robotics before you play with Tinkerbots at the first time. The robots can be moved with one click on our powerbrain. More experienced kids can also control the Tinkerbots via smartphone app.

3. Build your robot with different materials

Why should you limit your imagination by focusing only on one material when building a robot? Scientists use all kinds of different materials to create new prototypes. This is also possible for Tinkerbots. With our special adapter you can combine Tinkerbots with LEGO® to build a brand new robot from your own imagination.

4. Learn through experience

The learnings from playing with Tinkerbots at a young age can easily be transferred into other fields. For example, your experiences can help you at school. After you have learned something about mechanics and electronics, you will be ahead of your classmates. Tinkerbots can also help you establish a solid foundation for a future career in science or robotics.

5. Exchange ideas

While it is a lot of fun to play with your robot at home, it is even better to play with others and exchange thoughts and ideas about robots. In Germany, there are several competitions for kids of all ages where you can meet like-minded people. For example, the RoboCup Junior Championship, where young school teams compete in different categories with their self-made robots. We also have our own competition at Tinkerbots, the Crazy Racer Award. The task in this competition is to build the fastest and the most creative racing car with Tinkerbots and LEGO® bricks.

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