Blockly Tutorials - Tinkerbots







Basic Curriculum

With the basic curriculum you receive a first guide for the use of the Tinkerbots Blockly App and the Tinkerbots Education Sets. Included are: Information on how to use the Tinkerbots and the modules of the Tinkerbots Education Sets, how to install the software, notes on the user interface, ideas for classroom design and first tasks for students.

Basic Curriculum


Construction manual

Construction manual for the model in the basic curriculum.

Construction Manual


Task cards

Task cards for distribution to students for programming with Tinkerbots Blockly. With additional tasks. Solutions included. Plus, instructions for printing the copy template.

Task Cards

Instruction Creation Taskcards


Linefollower map

Print template for using the line follower function.

Linefollower print template

Instruction Creation Linefollower Map


Tinkerbots Blockly Files

Here you can download the files mentioned in the basic curriculum.


Solution Task Cards