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Sensoric Mega Set

The Sensoric Mega Set is the perfect toy to giving children an understanding of electrical engineering and mechanics. Build your robots with different motion modules, control them through our app or program the Powerbrain’s microcontroller with Arduino.


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Make your Arduino projects come to life

The Sensoric Mega Set is a robotic building kit for children ages 9 and up. This ultimate building kit comes with a Powerbrain, different motion modules, two light and distance sensors as well as passive building blocks. Tinkerbots fosters children’s creativity and introduces them to the world of robotics through an immersive play experience. More info.

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Sets Comparison

Tinkerbots Extension Sets for more complex creations

Your Sensoric Mega Set includes our Powerbrain – with its microcontroller which receives and transmits energy and data – five motion modules, light and distance sensors to make your robot more intelligent and many extras like our Cubies. For more complex creations you can add more elements to your building kit.

Specials Sensors Pivot & Twister Bricks & Cubies

Ultimative stem toy combining mechanics, sensoric and coding

Tinkerbots fosters children’s creativity and introduces them to the world of robotics through an immersive play experience.

Program with Arduino

Connect the Powerbrain’s microcontroller via USB to your computer and get started in Arduino. Our different libraries will help you learn.

Build any robot you can imagine

With five motion modules, two light and distance sensors and many passive building accessories you can build all that you can imagine.

Make new friends

Tinkerbots is a powerful tool at home but it can also be used in the classroom. 

Combine with other building systems

All modules snap together easily, energy and data are transmitted automatically and all that you have built will work. Also, you can use your LEGO® bricks.

Do you love innovations as much as us?

Tinkerbots combines playing and learning like no other toy and we have received many awards for this! But the best rewards for us is to see creativity unfold with our kits and the fun robots that young engineers build.


Are you looking for some inspiration?

Even the most genius inventors are stuck sometimes. Read what others say about Tinkerbots to find some inspiration for your new creations!  


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“This incredible robotic building set is like Lego come to life”

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“TinkerBots want to make modular robotics child’s play”