Arduino Library - Tinkerbots


Until now, you had only two possibilities to make your Tinkerbots robot move: Teaching the robot motion via record and playback mode or remotely control it with our free smartphone app. But the latest firmware update adds a whole new way of control: Programming your Tinkerbots robot with Arduino.

The smartest little cube in your Tinkerbots building kit is the red Powerbrain. It is not only responsible for supplying the other motion modules with energy but also the key to program your robot by yourself. The microcontroller inside the Powerbrain is compatible with the open source integrated development environment of Arduino and it’s easy to use even for beginners. In order to program Tinkerbots with Arduino, your Powerbrain and your modules need to be updated with the latest firmware.

Our detailed Arduino library makes programming your own robot even easier. Start the process by downloading the free Arduino software for WindowsMac OS X or Linux . Now, follow the installation instructions and open the Arduino application. As soon as the Arduino application starts, go to “File” > “Preferences”, type in “Additional Boards Manager URLs” and press return.

As a next step, you go to “Tools” > “Boards” and open the “Boards Manager”. Here you can search for the Powerbrain board by simply typing in “powerbrain” and install it. In order to select the Powerbrain as a board, go to “Tools” > “Board” and click on “Tinkerbots Powerbrain”. After connecting your Powerbrain with the programming cable to your computer, you can find easy example sketches under “File” > “Examples” and download them to your Powerbrain.


We have the right Arduino documentations for your Tinkerbots motion modules and sensors:
Powerbrain Library
Motor Library
Pivot Library
Twister Library
Grabber Library
IR Sensor Library
Light Sensor Library