Innovation - Tinkerbots


Only you decide how to control your robots. You can play back standard movements, teach the robot manually, make use of the remote control through the Tinkerbots app or even get into Arduino and program the robot yourself.


It all starts with the Powerbrain, heart and brain of every robot. With its microcontroller the Powerbrain is the boss and tells all the other modules what to do and powers them with its integrated battery.

 Bluetooth 4.0  



 Arduino Compatible

Motion Modules

These modules are little specialists! Each of them has a motor and moves in a different way.


The Twister rotates in 180° and everything attached to it


The Pivot is a joint – it pans to the right and to the left


The Motor moves axles and wheels or anything you might attach


The Grabber grabs and takes everything within its reach

Smart Sensors

Real robots know what is going on around them and react accordingly.


The Light-sensor reacts to luminous sources and their intensity


The Distance-sensor detects obstacles and how far away they are

For Even More Fun While Playing

Create new models every time. You can build all that you can imagine.


The Cube connects up to six modules at once!


The Cubies give your robots their individual shape.

Axles and Wheels

Our axles and wheels get your robots up to speed.

Brick Adaptor

This adaptor connects Tinkerbots with LEGO® bricks.

Easy Building

With our patented plug connector building robots gets so easy.

All modules can be connected to each other without cables. Just put them together and turn to firmly connect them to one another. It is impossible to connect them wrongly or to build a robot that doesn’t work as all data and energy will be automatically transmitted.

Stem Toys for all ages

Invent a new robot or build models like our cute TopDog and super fast Racer and invite your friends and siblings to join in the fun.

Modularity: One kit for many options

It all starts with the Powerbrain and then it’s up to you: connect Twister or Grabber for movements or opt for the smart sweets loving My First Robot.

Different motion modules

With our Robotics Sets you have five different motion modules to give life to your ideas. Combine the movements to build any machine you can imagine.

Technology: Teach your robots or control it on your app

Your robots are able to learn! Teach them movements manually by recording a sequence or connect your Powerbrain to the app.

Compatibility: Add other building systems

All of our Tinkerobts robot kits can be combined with LEGO® bricks or other building systems through our patented brick adapters. There’s no limit to the fun!

Award winning toy

Our innovations are patented officially, vetted thoroughly by our youngest builders and even recognized with impressive awards:


Tinkerbots headlines all around the world

Our story has been told many times and not just by us. This is what international press says after playing with our robots:


"If you like Legos and robots, you will love TinkerBots"


"This incredible robotic building set is like Lego come to life"

Cool Things

"TinkerBots: This is the modular toy robot you've been waiting for"


"TinkerBots want to make modular robotics child's play"