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The importance of play and learn

Fidget spinners are the remarkable craze of 2017. We will remember the scene as bedazzled spinners whir in kids’ hands as incredulous teachers look on in amazement. While there is growing evidence that fidget spinners, marketed as a remedy for attention deficit...

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5 reasons why STEM is cool

“Today we will talk about the electric circuit. Please draw the sketch from the blackboard and read the text on page 45 in your book”. Physics education used to look something like this for many years. But the last couple of years have seen a rethink by teachers. A...

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We need more women in STEM jobs

On March, 8th we commemorate the struggle for gender equality and the emancipation of women worldwide. After a respective initiative has been coined before World War I, the United Nations has declared International Women’s Day a civil awareness day in 1977....

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Teaching 21st Century Skills with robotics

Our world is in a constant change. This does not only apply for external influences like the weather but also for the society that we live in. Many experts from the education sector, business leaders and governmental organizations coined an international movement...

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